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Morning blog world!!!
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It’s Wednesday! Usually I’d be at home having a day off but I’m not today. I swear, it is for a very good reason.

I’m finally taking a vacation. Like NOW (well, after work). I travel a LOT but none of the trips have really felt like a vacation since I went to Hawaii in 2012. I’m taking a full week off and I’m going to chilllllll. I think.

Let’s see how that works out, shall we?

On that note, I had a whole post prepared but after my frustrations from the last couple days, I decided to vent here. I hope you don’t mind. I usually try to avoid venting on the blog because I feel like it should be my happy shiny place. Today, I just want to put it up here and clear the air before I head across the country.
Yeah, my parents weren’t poor when I was growing up and I have never gone without a day in my life. But they both came from families that had to scrape by to make ends meet and they worked hard to see that I wouldn’t have to grow up that way. That doesn’t make my job or my life less valuable. It doesn’t make the money that I donate or the time that I give less special just because I came across it easier. Nobody handed me any of my jobs; I started at the bottom washing dishes just like anyone else. My parents may have taken care of my education but I didn’t go to a fancy school and I worked my ass off for a high GPA and a degree. Having money doesn’t make you a bad person; being cruel and hurtful makes you a bad person. Never guilt trip someone for “growing up with money”. I have been fortunate yes, but that means that my father worked very hard to provide for me. And frankly, I think a spoiled girl who chooses to work hard, give back, and be kind to others is worth way more than the poor guy who does nothing but say hurtful things, bitch, and complain about the hand life dealt him. Put some good energy out into the world and do nice things for people and maybe you’ll be a better person. And if you have a problem with the life I had, take it up with my father. He’s a better man than you could ever hope to be.

On a happier note, I have officially become the biggest Instagram whore I know. Like, it’s awful.
If you wanna whore around with me…


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  • Brittney

    Hey, this is your blog and you should vent when you need to do so. Being fortunate does not mean being a spoiled brat. It sounds like you realize that you were fortunate, didn't take it for granted or take advantage of it. I think that is evidence of a good upbringing. Don't let other people make you feel bad for that!

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