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Okay, so here goes!!!

You guys are going to hate me because today is a vacation blog. Everything is vacation themed. It’s disgusting and I’m sorry. *hangs head in shame*


Here are five things I have planned for this weekend.
Let’s see if my poor inebriated self can get them all done!!!!!

1. Concerts, concerts, and more concerts. I have a full itinerary of shows to see this weekend and a bunch of my faves are on the list- FGL, Cole Swindell, Thomas Rhett, etc.
2. A new tattoo. I have a wonderful design picked out to commemorate this trip. Hopefully I can get an appointment!!!
3. Luau night. I couldn’t think of a single outfit I wanted to wear for this and one day, my friend drags me into Hottie and I wander to the clearance rack and BAM. There’s one outfit, just marked down, in my size, and PERFECT. It even matched my color scheme!!!!
4. Lots and lots of funky art deco and lifeguard stand pictures. I’m going to be an Instagram psycho until I board that ship!!!
5. Avoiding sunburns. I think I literally packed every kind of sunblock I could think of- wipes, spray, stick, hair, eye cream, etc. Everything has SPF. This is NOT the trip that gives me skin cancer.


So vacation is clearly on my mind. That said, I queued this.
So here are five things probably on my mind today:

1. I am likely tipsy. I don’t drink much but it’s vacation time. I packed about eight mini bottles for consumption BEFORE the cruise.
2. It is beach time for me! I am either on a tour bus or at South Beach soaking up some sun.
3. I am making new friends with my super awesome cruise mates.
4. I am so excited about the first Florida Georgia Line concert tomorrow afternoon!!!!!
5. I’m not going to be getting any sleep this weekend.


Fave Song- Sundaze by Florida Georgia Line. I don’t smoke but this song is going to be ALL OVER the ship this weekend so I just know it’s going to be my trip theme.

Fave outfit- We have pajama night. This is my “sexy outfit”.

oh please someone buy me this.

Fave meme- Please, nobody be secretly thinking this.

If anyone needs me, you can find me here…

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