Foodie Tuesday

If I manage to continue this past week two, it may be a permanent thing but… 
We all know how that goes, right?
After the success of Octoberfest night, we decided to try our hand at Indian food and get kind of fancy with it. Coincidentally, our Indian night was during Diwali, a Hindu celebration. I found this out from Mindy Kaling’s Instagram and Mike and I congratulated ourselves on being very accidentally cultured. 
Our menu-
Chicken Korma
Paneer Tikka Masala
Garlic Naan
I’m not gonna lie, the feerni tasted funny and we weren’t sure we did it right so it’s still sitting in Mike’s fridge (HAHAHA). The naan I got at Cost Plus barely got eaten because it tasted like a greasy garlic covered pita. Gross. The chicken was amazing. I have to admit, this was the first time I’ve ever cooked fresh chicken. Weird, right? And the first time I cooked chicken PERFECTLY. Not pink and we didn’t get sick. W00t!!! 
We cheated with the sauces, they were store bought. Oops. The basmati rice was good but not dry enough; I think we overcooked it.
The puppodoms and the paneer were a pleasant victory. The puppodoms were perfectly fried and crispy and I wish I hadn’t screwed up the first four cuz they were delicious. 
I decided to be brave and attempt the paneer on my own instead of buying a brick of it at the Indian market. And guess what… I made cheese guys! I made my own cheese. With cheesecloth and everything. I remember I looked at Mike at one point and was like “Hey, look, we’re using cheesecloth for its intended purpose!!!” Yeah. 
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