I’m home!!!

Sort of.

Actually I am at the Miami International Airport with my carry-ons and a bag filled with guava pastries. 
It has been an insane and amazing week. I spent two full days in Miami touring the city and eating as much Cuban food as I could stuff in my mouth.
The cruise was truly a once in a lifetime experience; I heard some great music, made new friends, and fell in love with some amazing bands.
Highlights from the trip:
The sail away concert. Most cruises get Enua; we had a party on the pool deck with Florida Georgia Line and free shots of tequila.
Bingo on our sea day was hosted by Cole Swindell and Thomas Rhett who not only played (and lost); but jokes about their first “sold out bingo event”, spilled their drinks, and moped about being CMA losers. So much fun.
Bar crawling with The Cadillac Three. These guys aren’t just super talented, they’re super nice. When their drummer found out I wasn’t drinking beer, he offered to get me whatever I wanted instead. Karen helped me into the barstool that was too tall for me, and Kelby hid behind me for selfies. Totally worth the temporary deafness when Jaren yelled into the megaphone by my ear (he felt so bad about that).
Pajama night in my Stitch onesie with Maggie Rose who is also a big Lilo and Stitch fan. 
Nelly concert on our private island. No joke.
No cheesy cabaret nights; just my face country artists everywhere from the showroom to the atrium.
Meeting the beautiful and amazing Sarah Buxton and by proxy the adorable Cole Swindell who teased me mercilessly when my phone froze up as Sarah and I were trying to selfie.
Free Fireball and Monster to keep us hydrated and tipsy. In fact, drinks all around all the time.
The super cool gifts in my room almost every night. Welcome mason drinking jar and farewell bottle opener; all limited edition commemorative pieces.
Getting to say hi to Brian and Tyler again. 
And last but not least, running into The Cadillac Three at the airport. One of them is sitting behind me as I type this. Like plugged into the other side of the charger.
Photos soon guys!!! I missed the blog!!! Pics are on the Instagram now if you wanna see! MellyBellyLV!!!

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