Throwback Thursday

The time I made a bunch of really cool friends while being totally snubbed by someone I respected.
Not all of my encounters have been good. Once upon a time I was a huge 100 Monkeys fan. While I still like the music and most of the band, I don’t really listen to them anymore because doing so brings back a lot of memories of frustration. And I’m about happy things.
I used to be a big fan of Jackson Rathbone. I’d met him for the first time before the Twilight fame seemed to go to his head and he was a pretty nice guy. After that, not so much. I’ve come across plenty of actors and musicians who are really truly nice individuals and some who are a bit pompous, but never one who just downright disrespectful. I’ve been blatantly ignored, lied to, and even at one point yelled at (more on that another time). No joke. Not cool. 
On that note, I’m really glad that I went to so many 100 Monkeys shows because I met a couple really great friends at them and would not have if I hadn’t gone. Anyhow, 100 Monkeys was a really cool band (the rest of them at least) and the friends I made more than make up for the bad experiences. 🙂
These pics are from their small show at Tommy Bahamas. I met a couple of really awesome girls who had traveled from other states for the show including their former photographer, Jodie and Julie (RIP). Since we had to wait a few hours for the show, it was bonding time. 🙂
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