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1. I am still reeling from my vacation. Definitely in the top three of my life. I made so many amazing friends and had so many awesome experiences. I had originally thought I would do this just the one time but if there’s a second cruise, me and about 1,000 other people are dying to go and have a reunion. So let’s hope there’s an encore trip in 2015!!! Oddly enough, this isn’t my fave moment from the trip but it is pretty damn awesome anyway.

2. I’ve been stuck on Eastern time for over a week now which has resulted in me waking up at about 6:30AM every morning for no apparent reason. At first I thought, “Great, I will be so productive” and like work out. No. That happened once. Since I’m going back east again next month, I’m attempting to stay on Eastern time until then buuuuut… Yeah.

3. I have been binge watching The Originals. Oddly enough, I am schoolgirl crushing on a character that is now dead. WTF man. Can you tell I have a thing for guys with long blond hair?

THE ORIGINALS Scoop: Chase Coleman Talks The Fun Of Playing A Werewolf Willing to Go to War With the Vampires http://sulia.com/channel/vampire-diaries/f/44dd5106-56c2-4497-94e6-f296f780f05a/?source=pin&action=share&btn=small&form_factor=desktop&sharer_id=54575851&is_sharer_author=true&pinner=54575851

4. I am super excited about Thanksgiving dinner next week. Since I’m apparently not the worst cook alive, I decided to be ambitious and attempt several recipes from the Paula Deen Ladies & Sons cookbook. Blogging will be postponed if I accidentally burn down my house.

5. Apparently I have New Year’s Eve plans in advance for once. I know, crazy, right??? One of my super close friends from Canada is coming in and she’s a planner just like me. Initially I was totally against the idea of being on the Strip for NYE but I thought, why not? I’ve only sort of done it once and it was pretty lame (the party was in a basement, what can you see in a basement?). I do love a good excuse to buy a glittery dress; however, I think this year, I may do the DIY thing.


So this Christmas I am attempting all homemade gifts. Key word being ATTEMPTING. I thought maybe I’d try my hand at canning. We will see how that goes! If nothing else, I am really loving Mason jars. Here are 5 of the most awesome jar gifts I found.

Cinnamon Spice Muffin Mix in a Jar with Free Printable Label #swellnoel
Unique Mason Jar Gift Ideas - Uncommon Designs...
Snowman Mason Jar Gift Idea- Cute!  It would be fun filled with homemade marshmallows.
Beefy Bean Soup Mix in a Jar: A Fabulous (Healthy) Gift for Teachers
96 Homemade Mixes in a Jar


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Fried Grit Cakes | Eatin' on the Cheap

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