Sundaze on Sundays- Lario’s on the Beach & Large Pythons

Our first night in South Beach was a blast. 
After cleaning up and settling into the hotel, we strolled down to Ocean Drive to see the pretty neon lights (they totally reminded me of Grand Theft Auto- Vice City). The place was packed for a Thursday evening.
I was amazed at how many restaurants there were lining the streets. It was a beautiful night and perfect shorts weather. I had this evening planned ever since I found out we were docking in Miami. We wandered all the way down to Lario’s on the Beach. One of my fave restaurants ever is Bongos in Orlando (the Estefan’s restaurant) and since the Bongos in Miami was closed, we hit up Lario’s; their sister restaurant. This was seriously one of the best dinners I’ve ever had. 
After our meal, we met up with a couple of the other cruisers for drinks before we headed back. As we left the restaurant, we came across two “snake men” (you know, the guys with the giant snakes who take pics for cash) arguing outside. After one of them wandered off, the other one decided to drop the python on my shoulders. Good thing I’m not afraid of snakes! 
Interesting way to end our first day in Miami.
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