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Happy December, Blog World!
So I came across this article today. Parts of it kind of annoyed me given I’ve been in three of those airports in the past 10 months; a couple of them multiple times. It also annoyed me because… people can be dumb. So, here is my fabulous airport rant.
For one, no matter how big or busy an airport it, it’s typically fairly easy to navigate if you use the train system. I have friends who are TERRIFIED of Hartsfield in ATL simply because it’s the busiest airport in the world and it’s huge. I’ve had my dad guarantee me I would miss my 45 minute connection because my flights were at opposite gates in different terminals. I not only made my flight, I had time to get chicken. I used the train. It runs every 50 seconds. I didn’t even run (and yes, I called him to inform him of the no running/got chicken incident). DFW and MIA have really easy to use train systems. And guess what? There are drop-offs by some of the best restaurants. Curious? Read here (yes, I’m plugging my own posts).
Traffic in big cities sucks, especially when you’re going to the airport. I’m very lucky to be in Vegas (I can’t believe I just said that) because it’s a large enough airport to have a lot of direct flights but not a huge amount of traffic or super long security lines. That said, it baffles me when people don’t leave plenty of time for airport security in big cities they’re not familiar with. Just leave early or book your flight later. Simple as that. And maybe check the TSA site for security wait times. 
And finally, airports are not really comfortable unless you want to spend a lot of money. I hate flying (it scares me) but I love to travel. Here are my best ways to handle layovers/flights/airports. 
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