Sundaze on Sundays- South Beach & Sailing with Florida Georgia Line

Our last morning in Miami, I decided to visit the colorful lifeguard stands I see in so many photos.
While Kelly grabbed breakfast, I trudged my way down the beach in the sand for some last shots. 
We left South Beach before 11AM to get to the port. By the time we arrived, there was already a super long line to get in. Embarkation was not starting until noon so we had a while to wait. I’m amazed at how quickly the line moved once we got going. I may or may not have managed to sneak a large quantity of alcohol past security. I supposed we shall never know. 
Kelly opted to go to the pool and I met up with the lovely ladies I had met the night before for some lunch in the dining room. Delicious! Our stateroom was actually considerably larger than I expected and we were welcomed with some Monsters (the charter company definitely knew we would need the energy), a welcome aboard note, and the cutest commemorative mason drinking jars. Add this to the luggage tags we had gotten prior to the cruise and we were getting weighed down with swag. The best (and most useful) piece in the room was our schedule. There were mini tear-off schedules designed to fit in our nametag lanyards. At first I thought this was cute but later realized it was probably the most useful thing all week since I never had to consult the patter or the schedule I saved on my phone. 

After the safety drill (which I’m sure was largely ignored by the crowd since most everyone was fairly tipsy already), we all headed up to the pool deck for the sail away show. We all got a shot of tequila (they kept us well liquored) and had a toast before Florida Georgia Line got the show started after we left the port. So amazing having this awesome concert going with the Miami skyline and sunset in the background. One of the coolest memories I have to date. 

After the party, I had dinner with my girls and then caught just a couple more concerts (that sounds weird) before heading to bed.

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