Sundaze on Sundays- Bingo with Cole Swindell & Thomas Rhett

The title kind of says it all.
We played bingo like little old ladies on our sea day.
I won’t even begin to explain the insanity of this. Instead, I will try and impart to you the wisdom that Cole and Thomas shared with us.
When faced with whether or not to swear in the theatre:
“There is a child in here. No wait, childs. That’s plural. There are childs in here.”- Thomas Rhett
When discussing losing CMA Best New Artist to Brett Eldredge:
“Did you fall in love to the beat of the music, Cole?”- Thomas Rhett
“No, but I did fall over to the beat of the music.”- Cole Swindell
When discussing hosting Bingo:
“We were told this was our first ever sold out bingo experience.” 
When asked to spell refrigerator: 
“I don’t even have one of those. I have a cooler and ice.”- Cole Swindell
When asked about “Girl in a Country Song”:
“I don’t know about you, Thomas, but when I was writing those songs, I wasn’t writing about Maddie and Tae.”- Cole Swindell
We also witnessed Cole spilling beer down his leg and drinking Jack Daniels from a travel size shampoo bottle, Thomas doing his best Jason Aldean impression, and Cole trying to punch his bingo numbers in multiple cards. Fun times were had by all.
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