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NFR 2014 Part 02

Happy Saturday, Blog World!
I just got home from Atlanta and I have no idea how I’m going to queue up all these posts for the month. It’s probably going to take me until February. lol 
I cannot plug one of my fave bands, Old Dominion, enough. They are truly amazing. So amazing that I saw them three times in one week during NFR. lol That’s a lot! So check them out or you may even see them when they hit the road with Kenny Chesney on his next big tour!!!
My second concert night of the NFR was pretty chill and easy going. Old Dominion was doing a three night set at the MGM Grand Gold Buckle Zone. One of the things I looooove about NFR is that at least a couple of the larger casinos will have a whole set-up with big screens and concert stages for smaller country acts. I’d never actually been to any of them and this year, I really enjoyed the setup at MGM. Very chill, fun, and a great stage. Since it was the first night, the dance floor was mostly used for dancing (since the crowds had yet to realize it was kind of also a makeshift pit for the concerts) but I got to be front and center. Took a lot of great photos and got to chat and goof off with the band after the show. Definitely a wonderful night!!!
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