Sundaze on Sundays- Nassau & Napping on Tour Buses

Welcome to the first Sundaze of the new year!!
I would love love love to say Nassau was beautiful and amazing and I was wide-eyed and fascinated the entire day but… I straight up fell asleep on the tour bus for a good 30 minutes or so.
Arriving, we discovered that there was rain. Not the drizzle or slow drip kind. The torrential downpour kind. While I’ve never been one to squeal at a little rain, this was INTENSE. Tours were delayed and a good half of the people who had planned beach days cancelled and stayed on the ship. 
I had booked a pretty chill island tour. We got to see all the sights (including the pretty creepy flooding from the rain just THAT DAY) and by the time we got back to the dock, the rain had all cleared up in time for me to grab some lunch and do some shopping. I probably should have done the shopping before partaking in the rum. Tried some of the Conch fritters I’d heard so much about and on my way out of the diner, ran into Neil. lol

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