Sundaze on Sundays- Luau Night & Beer Crawling

After the exhausting and damp day in Nassau, the weather cleared up just in time for Luau Night on the ship. I’d been slacking on finding an outfit for this pretty much up until the week before. Randomly, my friend Amanda and I wandered into a shop in Boca Park and I found the perfect piece, in my size, on clearance. Yay!!!
It was a really fun chill night with my girlfriends and chatting with a few of the awesome artists I’d met on the trip and before it like Dallas Smith and Joel, Cole Swindell’s guitarist. Instead of doing dinner in the dining room, there was a big BBQ up on the pool deck. The space was really crowded since FGL was doing a show later that night and everyone wanted to get a great spot. 
I, on the other hand, had different plans. 
The Cadillac Three was hosting a big beer crawl and while I don’t drink beer, I love The Cadillac Three. I figured it wouldn’t be crazy busy since it was a paid event and so many people wanted to stake out a spot for FGL. It was crowded, but not too insane. Along the way, I started talking to the guys and Neil noticed I wasn’t drinking. He offered to get me something which was insanely sweet but I explained that even though I wasn’t planning to drink, I wanted to go since I was a big fan. The guys were unbelievably nice, taking pics with everyone, participating in drinking games (Jaren failed at flip cup but it was epic and awesome), and just being awesome. We went to five different bars around the ship, getting lost several times along the way. An amazing time was had by all. 
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