Sundaze on Sundays- Nights on the Ship

After the beer crawl were the FGL and Cole Swindell shows. I had made myself a full trip itinerary weeks ago but in the end, I was getting soooo zapped of energy, I couldn’t really make it through 100% of every show (except for the Cadillac Three). 
I have to say, the second FGL show was even better than the first because they brought up all their friends for their song collaborations (Jaren for Party People, Sarah Buxton for Dayum, Cole Swindell for This is How We Roll, Thomas Rhett for Round Here). They also sang a lot of their more obscure tracks that everyone loves but aren’t usually on the setlists. This show also felt way more chill since it wasn’t the first show of the trip. 
Towards the end of the set, I went to grab some juice before Cole Swindell and ran into a super friendly familiar looking man at the juice station. It was Colt Ford. Such a nice guy. 
After the Cole Swindell show, I wandered the ship and came across DJ Telemitry’s set where all the performers were partying and hanging out. While walking back to my room, I came across a small group of women being escorted by security. I noticed Brian’s wife in the group and Sarah Buxton, one of my favorite Nashville writers. As I passed, I told Sarah how wonderful she did at the song writer’s round the night before and she stopped to chat for a bit. She was probably one of the sweetest people ever and when we decided to selfie, my phone froze. As we were working on resetting it, some “drunk guy” walks over and starts in “What happened? Your phone froze? You know, when Sarah Buxton walks by, you have to be READY. You can’t let your phone freeze, you just can’t.” I looked up and it was Cole Swindell. No joke. Cole Swindell had literally just walked up to me and started teasing me. He was super funny and pretty drunk so by the time the phone had reset, he had stumbled off but I do love my random Cole story better than a pic I would have got in its place. 
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