Sundaze on Sundays- Pajama Night

The last night on the ship was Pajama Night. 
As soon as I grabbed food after hopping on the ship, I headed up to the pool deck to get a good spot for the Florida Georgia Line Q&A. For a packed deck, it was pretty fun and intimate. The guys made a lot of jokes and told the same stories repeatedly. 
I knew well in advance that people were going to be wearing a lot of skimpy PJs so I took the opposite route with my fuzzy stitch onesie. Let me tell you, it was super comfortable but insanely HOT. Especially under the stage lots in the showroom. 
My outfit definitely got a lot of attention (especially when one girl yelled “You have a tail!” and I hadn’t realized the suit had a tail). Maggie Rose loved it since it turns out, she too is a Lilo and Stitch fan. I made friends with another onesie person at the Dallas Smith show too. Since it was the last night, I had packed during the afternoon and just needed to toss the onesie in at the end of the night (well, stuff it in). Pretty epic last night except for the scary waves.

So that was my FGL Cruise experience. I expected it to be a once in a lifetime kind of thing but…
Tomorrow I get to book Round 2!!!

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