Walking Dead Wanderings in Georgia

So back in December, I made another visit home with my mom. Every time I had been in Georgia on the last few visits it had been really hot so we decided to go home in the winter. Added bonus- Flights and the hotels were pretty cheap and everything was quiet. Even better- We got to do our own full Walking Dead tour!!!
We rented a car at the airport and headed straight to Steak and Shake for breakfast (because the one in Vegas doesn’t do breakfast). We then drove through Griffin, Haralson, and Grantville where we got a private tour of Morgan’s apartment. Here’s a list of all the spots we got to see:
The funeral home
Rick’s house
Morgan’s old house
Terminus (the main entrance)
The mill where Merle led the walkers
What I’m pretty sure is going to be Alexandria
Woodbury Coffee Shop
Chocolate pudding house
In Senoia, we stopped at the Woodbury Shoppe and got to visit the basement museum where they keep Daryl’s motorcycle, some of the prison cells, and Penny’s cage. They even have the attached Waking Dead Cafe where I got to get some awesome themed cookies. Papier Mache cats, anyone?
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