The Cadillac Three @ Gilley’s

It’s officially concert season!
Well, for me anyway.
One of our local stations does a lot of Listener Appreciation concerts throughout the year. They’re always free, and they’re always amazing. Past events included Cole Swindell and Kacey Musgraves. This one was one of my faves- The Cadillac Three.
If you follow my blog, you know I’m a huge fan, especially after the FGL Cruise last fall. The guys always put on an amazing and energetic show and this was no exception. It’s always extra fun when it’s a band I’ve met several times and it definitely has its perks- Jaren always does a drum solo during Days of Gold and after seeing the girl next to me snatch the drumstick Neil had thrown me, he handed me his own. 
After the show, I chatted with Kelby and Jaren for a while. The guys are doing a ton of press and have been traveling like crazy but they always make time to meet the crowd and chat. Their new single White Lightning just dropped last month so if you haven’t heard them, go check it out!!!

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