Vegas Staycation Part 04

I don’t love Vegas but I do love the Vegas local specials.
Corey and I thought it would be fun to check out the Mob Museum which was literally right next to our hotel. The Mob Museum is located inside the old Vegas courthouse. In fact, one of the exhibits noted that a lot of the mob trials took place inside the courtroom in that very building. Pretty cool!
 The regular admission price is roughly $22 for tourists; however, we had checked in advance and timed it just right to take advantage of their super local offer. Every Tuesday after 1PM, locals are buy one get one free. And not on the regular price, on the local price. So basically our admissions for both of us came out to under $14. What a steal!
We had one last fun thing planned for our staycation. I had recently been sent an invitation for a free evening at one of my favorite places in town. The Foundation Room is a beautiful lounge at the top of Mandalay Bay. It has my absolute favorite view in Las Vegas. My offer included a free appetizer and drinks and we spent part of the evening chatting with the owner and enjoying the most amazing view of the Las Vegas Strip.

After the Foundation Room, we walked around the property a bit and then grabbed dessert. 
Pretty awesome staycation!
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