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    FGL Cruise Part 06

    The last day of the cruise is always bittersweet. No matter how much chaos there is on the ship, it’s always nice to be back with friends listening to our favorite bands and just having a great time. I started off the morning at the autograph session. They had added one this year after multiple veterans mentioned that it would have been nice to have a time to chat with the other artists since we generally tried to leave them alone when they were off stage. I had brought a little captain hat to get signed because I figured it would be a great souvenir from the trip and I…

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    FGL Cruise Part 05

    The port day was a busy one because they packed some pretty great shows in. Here are more from Sam Hunt (taken with the camera and not the iPhone). Florida Georgia Line did their second show for Redneck Yachtclub Night. I didn’t take a whole lot of photos because it was difficult to find a good place to stand and at this point, I’ve seen so many of their shows I didn’t feel like snapping a ton of pictures. I even (eek) skipped the third show to avoid the crowds. Then Jason DeRulo finished out the night and I got to watch with a new friend. I have to say,…

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    FGL Cruise Part 04

    I won’t lie- I was in a huge hurry to get back to the ship after Mexico for one reason: Sam Hunt was playing. We at lunch, changed, and then staked out a good spot on the pooldeck. We were not sorry. This show was amazing. We couldn’t leave port until Sam departed the ship so we had a fun view of Cozumel  from the top deck. Got to hang out with another “veteran” cruiser.  If you like Sam Hunt, you absolutely have to see his live show. This was my favorite show of the entire trip and when you see about a dozen shows in one trip, that really…

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    FGL Cruise Part 03

    This year we only had one stop on the cruise and that was Cozumel. The forecast had originally said rain but we got lucky and unlike last year, there was no crazy rain or flooding to be found. Just clear skies, sunshine, and a whole lot of humidity. We booked a city tour that included some Mayan ruins and a stop at the beach. There was a cute little restaurant right in the sand and we had the best shrimp quesadillas, nachos, and guacamole. The ruins were small but still cool to see.

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    FGL Cruise Part 02

    To start on a completely unrelated note- Today I turn 30!!!  It’s also NFR time here in Vegas so there will be all kinds of crazy country music/birthday posts coming on in the next few weeks! I’m trying to go hard on birthday stuff this year since it’s a milestone; however, I realize my energy level isn’t what it is a year ago so… Kind of old ladying it up a bit… Happy 30 to me. LOL Anyhow, on to the cruise day 2! This cruise was very different from the previous one. Part of the reason would be because I had a horrible sinus infection and just did not…

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    FGL Cruise Part 01

    So I have to say, boarding was much smoother this year. For one, there was no standing out in the heat for an hour. Also, there was an actual terminal to check in. Always a plus.  We grabbed a quick lunch at the buffet and then started unpacking before the safety demonstration. After that, we made our way up to the pool deck to find a good spot for the Florida Georgia Line sailaway show. We did manage a nice spot, definitely better than last year.  Great show as usual and a different setlist than last year. So much fun!  Caught the Raelynn show in the atrium (you know, where…

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    South Beach

    I’m not really super crazy about the beach. I mean, I love the ocean, I love the actual look of a beach but it’s the grains of sand that are just everywhere that annoy me. And you know, they’re just impossible to avoid. My number one stop every visit in Miami is Lario’s on the Beach. I have a serious weakness for Cuban food and having gone to their sister restaurant in Orlando dozens of times, I cannot go to Miami without stopping here. First of all- it’s really really pretty. Second- there are guava dacquiris. And they are super amazing. Last- the food. OMG the food. I always get…

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    So last month I made the trek back to Miami for the Florida Georgia Line Cruise Round 2. One of the great things about doing year 2 was that I already knew what to expect from year 1. I also had a more leisurely amount of time to spend in Miami having already seen most of the sights the year before. After dropping our bags off, we headed straight to Versailles Cuban Restaurant. It was fairly early and they were serving breakfast. I cannot recommend the guava pastries enough. These were fresh and gooey and just soooooo yummy. After wandering a bit, we headed back to the hotel to wait…