South Beach

I’m not really super crazy about the beach.

I mean, I love the ocean, I love the actual look of a beach but it’s the grains of sand that are just everywhere that annoy me. And you know, they’re just impossible to avoid.

My number one stop every visit in Miami is Lario’s on the Beach. I have a serious weakness for Cuban food and having gone to their sister restaurant in Orlando dozens of times, I cannot go to Miami without stopping here.

First of all- it’s really really pretty.

Second- there are guava dacquiris. And they are super amazing.

Last- the food. OMG the food. I always get the same things (churrasco, maduros, arroz blanco) and this time I had my mom with me so we added the zarzuela. Basically seafood awesomeness.

The dessert was pretty amazing too. 
We did some exploring before and after the cruise and I showed my mom the cool lifeguard stands that dot the beach.

I also finally tracked down the Versace Mansion… It was right in front of my face the whole time. 
And more Art Deco goodness.

Along with a little visit to the Fontainebleau for breakfast and a walk.

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