FGL Cruise Part 05

The port day was a busy one because they packed some pretty great shows in.

Here are more from Sam Hunt (taken with the camera and not the iPhone).

Florida Georgia Line did their second show for Redneck Yachtclub Night.

I didn’t take a whole lot of photos because it was difficult to find a good place to stand and at this point, I’ve seen so many of their shows I didn’t feel like snapping a ton of pictures. I even (eek) skipped the third show to avoid the crowds.

Then Jason DeRulo finished out the night and I got to watch with a new friend.

I have to say, I heard a lot of really negative things about Jason and his crew. The couple of crew members I met of his were quite nice but apparently a lot of fellow cruisers had really poor experiences and some downright bad ones. I only stayed for a couple of songs because the 11PM show started about 30-45 minutes late.

Definitely an interesting and very long day!
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