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    NFR 2015- Sam Hunt

    When this show was first announced, I thought I’d have plenty of time to decide if I wanted to go. That was really dumb. We managed to get tickets at the last minute that weren’t TOO insanely overpriced, but when I mentioned to my mother that I was going to go, she quietly said “I want to go too”. LOL We grabbed dinner at DOCG Enoteca inside Cosmopolitan. This stuff is unbelievably delicious. Like OMG. So yummy. We had standing room seats on the balcony and they were comfortable and not cramped. We had a great view of the whole stage and looking down at that floor, I would have…

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    I know, I know.  This is insanely late for a holiday post.  Just wait until you see how long it takes to do my rodeo posts. Yikes. Christmas this year was really chill. We didn’t cook anything but the green bean casserole. We got everything else from Honeybaked Ham. So yummy.  We also watched A Charlie Brown Christmas while enjoying popcorn from a Charlie Brown Christmas tin. You know how much I love a good theme. Even Roger got into it. The Christmas sweater helped. Good times and no drama. A few days later we went and looked at the Christmas lights at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.