Zion Camping

So for Corey’s birthday, we wanted to get out of town but we didn’t want to spend a whole lot of cash. The year before, we had gotten a bunch of cheap camping gear that we had yet to use, so Corey grabbed a new tent (his had a hole in it), some chairs, and a pump for our air mattress so that we would be all set to hit the road. 
We both really enjoy camping and being outdoors and had been wanting to take a little camping trip to Zion for a while so the planning was pretty easy. We also figured this was a great test run of all our equipment since we had yet to use any of it.
The drive to Zion is always pretty easy and not very congested. I had gotten super lucky and snagged a last minute booking at the Watchman Campground right inside the park. The other campground is first come first serve and that concept alone always induces a ton of stress for me. We had a beautiful HUGE site with a ton of space for our really big tent. The only downside was that it had rained pretty heavily the day before so getting the tent stakes to hold was a bit of a pain. 
The weather that day was absolutely perfect and we had a couple of nice (slightly undercooked) meals by the fire. Great way to celebrate my sweetie’s birthday!


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