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Morning, Blog World!
Not a whole lot going on in my world. I recently decided to redo my room and since I’m on a pretty strict budget, I’m seeing what I can do with giftcards (from Swagbucks and MPlus) for WalMart and Ebay. So far, I’ve gotten some great finds for dirt cheap and it’s amazing how much a new lamp or a new nightstand can change the perspective of your room. To be fair- the nightstand was an Ikea purchase from a trip to Los Angeles back in December… Corey and I got lazy after putting together the big Kullen and the nightstand just kind of hung around until a couple weeks ago. 
For me, the most difficult part of all this “re-doing” is getting rid of a lot of stuff. I have plastic bins around the room of clothes I always thought I would eventually wear that I really never did. Or just clothes from when I was seventeen that still fit but somehow don’t look the same. Anyway, Goodwill is getting a lot of bags filled with clothes this year! 
One of the best parts of doing the “re-do” now is that it’s back to school season! All the cute dorm stuff is out so organizers are all over the place. I got some really cute ones at Ross that were under $10 and found some matching Washi Tape at HomeGoods for like $3 for craft projects!
So far I am really loving this shoe organizer! I had to modify it to fit my shoes (it’s more designed for Chucks or flats and not my crazy heels) but it’s super cute and fits under the bed. I have a couple of my designer shoes thrown in as well but I have to preface- I got these both several years ago on Ebay for about $75 each! I usually live in my flats or my sneakers so having all my cute shoes in one place makes finding a pair for a night out just that much easier!
Now I just have to figure out how to store my boots well… To Pinterest!

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