Monday Must Haves

So I’m nothing if not a bargain hunter.
I never buy anything more than $50 without hunting for a coupon, a discount, or a better deal first. One of my horrible habits when receiving compliments is telling the person how cheap the item was and where they can get it. It’s a little sad.
I’d been eyeing facial cleansing brushes for a while but couldn’t quite bring myself to pull the trigger on an item I wasn’t sure I would use consistently. Before my big road trip with Corey, I decided to get a cheap one to test out on the road (I was anticipating a lot of mud and grime from being in the woods and on the beach a lot). I found this one on Ebay and I have to say- I absolutely LOVE it. Not only was it a huge steal, it really does the job for me. I came home with better skin than I left with and there are some really nice attachments (massaging attachment, anyone). The brush head comes off easily and cleans really nicely. This thing is a dream come true at less than $7.
Get it here!
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