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We love our slow cooker.
We got it last year when Corey moved into his new apartment and it’s wonderful. For the longest time we didn’t use it and it sat in it’s box but once we took it out, we were kind of obsessed. We’ve made breakfast with it, taco meat, etc. All kinds of good stuff.
Our favorite recipe is the Zesty Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken. Corey and I love BBQ and this recipe is super delicious. What’s awesome is you can customize the flavor depending on the type and taste of the BBQ sauce you use. His first try was delicious but insanely spicy (I literally took five bites and almost died). His most recent attempt was perfect- tangy and sweet but not overpowering at all. We paired it with some easy oven-ready biscuits for simple BBQ biscuit sandwiches. So yummy!

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