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Good morning!
It’s amazing how some cleaning, organizing, and a little bit of redecorating can brighten your outlook on just about everything. This summer, I tackled a ton of cleaning and straightening. I also managed to force myself to donate probably a dozen bags of clothes/shoes/etc that either doesn’t fit, is more than five years old, or hasn’t been worn in years. 
As a reward, I found myself a really really nice bedding set that was crazy cheap at Walmart (read- $45) and I even had gift cards to cover most of it! My older comforter was getting pretty worn and out of shape and I knew I’d need something a little thicker come winter. I love the look of the really luxurious sets but let’s face it, even the nice ones get dusty or misshapen. At the end of the day, I’d rather get a cheaper set than spend a lot of extra money getting a nice set cleaned periodically. Plus, my attention span is short and chances are, in a few months, I’ll want to switch things up anyway! I also added a throw pillow in my favorite color and even DIY’d an extra one. If you haven’t made your own pillows or cushions before, I can’t tell you how easy it is. It literally took about five minutes on the machine and they’re super inexpensive to make. My best suggestion is Hobby Lobby where cute calico prints are almost always on sale and you can use one of their 40% off mobile coupons for a bag of stuffing. Anyhow, I think the finished look came out pretty nicely!
Don’t mind the stuffed rat. 
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