Jinya Ramen

Corey and I really love ramen.
To be honest, I’m a bit of a ramen snob. Whatever, I’m Asian. Corey, on the other hand, will eat any kind of ramen and sometimes that makes me want to tear my eyes out. He does; however, know the difference between good ramen and crap. So we can continue dating. 
We randomly checked out this ramen place called Jinya back in April pretty late at night after I left the ACM After Party. It was past 11PM and there was a wait. Pretty good sign, right? 

We recently went back and ordered some fried shrimp balls and gyoza. Corey likes his ramen super crazy burn your throat spicy. I like mine more mild. I like tofu in mine. Corey very much does not. We don’t share but frankly, if you’re not super hungry, you really could. Extra noodles are only $1 and the bowls are pretty huge. If you’re craving something sweet afterwards, I highly recommend the panna cotta because it’s just custardy deliciousness. Don’t share that. Get your own.

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