Monday Must Haves

Sometimes it’s really hard to find a good travel bag.
When my mom and I went to Indonesia last year, we had a few specifications for the bags we intended to carry around during the day for tours and such. We wanted purses that aren’t easy to break into that would still look nice and carry everything we need for the day. We decided on Travelon. They have a ton of purses that are cute but have locking zippers, slashproof straps, and RFID blocking technology built into the bags. They also had lots of great pouches and compartments and carried pretty much everything we needed. They ended up being the perfect day bags for travel in a country that has a fair amount of tourist crime. Truth be told, I didn’t witness any criminal activity at all on my trip (save for the monkey who tried to steal my camera) but I definitely felt safer knowing my bag would not be easy to break into should anyone try. 
Here are a few of my favorites from Ebags!

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