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A few weeks ago I was at Wal Mart and came across a really cool display rack for a product line called Street Kitchen. I love cooking but I’m not super crazy about spending over an hour in front of the stove (especially in the summer when it’s already hot enough as it is) and these looked really appealing. They have a bunch of different really fun ethnic dishes with all the seasonings and sauces you need to make a really great meal. 
I tried out the Moroccan Lemon Chicken first because I usually have a small reserve of couscous in my pantry and I happened to have falafel mix as well. Corey always keeps a ton of boneless skinless chicken in the freezer in bags of two, so we always have easy access to meat for cooking. 
The instructions were super easy and the packs really did have everything we needed. The pack basically includes everything but the meat, veggies, and any starches you might want so it’s easy to customize a fun exotic meal in under an hour. For less than $2 a pack, I highly recommend checking out Street Kitchen! It’s definitely more fun for adventurous cooks but it’s a great easy way to try something new!
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