Throwback Thursdays

Since it’s actually fall (although not nearly as much like fall as the rest of the country) I thought I’d revisit one of my favorite fall trips for Throwback Thursday.
A few years ago, my mom and I took a really nice trip to New England in September. It was perfect because part of the trip was nice and warm and part of it was pretty chilly during the day. Even better- the leaves were changing colors. Since we don’t get much of that in Vegas, I geek out a little when I see orange and yellow leaves in the fall. 
One of my favorite parts of the trip was our visit to Salem. I’d always wanted to see Salem, especially in the fall. It seriously did not disappoint. Such a beautiful town, we had lunch and saw some of the sights before hopping back on the bus to Boston. I would definitely love to come back for a longer visit one day!

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