Katsuya Las Vegas

One of my favorite things about living in Vegas (there really aren’t a lot of favorite things, to be honest) is the abundance of restaurants. A lot of times if there’s a remotely trendy restaurant in Los Angeles, it ends up here in Vegas saving me a trip to LA just to eat. Not that I haven’t done that before a few times, if we’re being really honest.
Katsuya was one of the restaurants on my checklist in LA so I was pretty happy when it ended up at SLS Las Vegas. My foodie friends Carla and Michelle had it on their lists too so it worked out perfectly. I was feeling a bit splurgey (I don’t think that’s a real word) so I tried out the tasting menu. 
First off, yum. The courses were really good and I’m really glad I got to try a little bit of everything. Second, unlike most tasting menus, this one had a lot of food. Like a LOT. Most places charge high prices and give you tiny portions but these portions were just a little smaller than normal. And there were actually a little more courses than I even was able to eat so I ended up taking part of it home!


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