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Hey guys!
A couple months ago I got to visit my best friend Ashley in Pittsburgh. She and her husband had moved several years ago but I hadn’t had a chance to visit them yet. Recently, Frontier started flying from Vegas to Pittsburgh and flights were insanely cheap so I took that as a sign and bought a ticket! It also worked out perfectly because Ashley had the most adorable little girl last year and I’d been dying to meet her!
It was a rainy week but I had the best time. Ashley and Brandon showed me around downtown Pittsburgh and took me out for lunch to Jerome Bettis where I had a deep fried cheeseburger. Um, amazing. There’s also a really cool view from behind the restaurant by the water and then over by the science museum near the cool submarine (we didn’t go in because baby and stroller).

On our way home we stopped at Peace, Love, and Little Donuts. Apparently it’s a thing in Pittsburgh to have mini donuts that you customize. We got half a dozen of the most decadent donuts we could find and while I wasn’t a fan of the texture of the donut (they’re a bit heavy), they were really yummy. I passed out on the couch for a while and only woke up when the cutest baby ever decided to play peek a boo and steal my Kindle. Not that I minded one bit.
Ashley and I had a girl’s night out later that evening. We parked by Station Square and took the Monongahela Incline up Mount Washington. The roundtrip ride was like $3 and it’s just the cutest little historic funicular. What a view at the top! 

We wandered down the street a bit and happened across a restaurant I’d heard about (and Ashley’s friends had suggested), Shiloh Grill. Nice little restaurant with a full bar area, a huge menu, and funny little menu descriptions. Also a historic building that is apparently quite haunted (grab a little pamphlet for the full sordid details). They have some really fun menu items and cool specials. I had the crab mac and cheese and it was delicious!
After dinner we hadn’t quite felt like we’d painted the town red (more like a light pink) and since our parking didn’t expire until midnight, we wandered Station Square. We grabbed a drink at Bar Louie and I had some seriously awesome key lime pie from a Mason jar. Such a fun chill girl’s night!
The next day we stayed in the latter half of the day because it rained like crazy. Ashley and Brandon took me to Central Diner for breakfast where I had a really awesome pastrami omelette. After breakfast, us girls headed out towards downtown to see Randyland. I’d seen Randyland on Pinterest and it was just the coolest most colorful place I had ever seen. When we got there, there was nobody else around making the vibe a little eerie but we got to wander and take a ton of photos of all the cool painted items and walls. So awesome! We drove around the Mexican War Streets and admired some of these really cool looking historic homes. 

We grabbed dinner at Plaza Azteca after a trip to the mall where they had some pretty awesome combos and really really huge margaritas. The highlight of the night- When Brandon equated Pokemon Go to Tinder and Ashley spat tequila in his eye. 
My last day in town Ashley had to work so Brandon and I embarked on a pierogi hunt since I had never had a pierogi. He found a really awesome place called Forgotten Taste Pierogis. OMG. This place was delicious. We both ordered combo platters and those platters were HUGE. Two people could split one and still eat a ton. Major kudos to Brandon for finding this yummy place!
After a quick stop at Ashley’s store, Brandon drove me to the airport. The rain was just clearing up enough that the flight home was pretty smooth. Such a fun trip!
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