Throwback Thursdays

Good morning!
I love October mostly because I love Halloween. I used to spend most of the week (or in some cases weeks) leading up to Halloween at the clubs or at various haunted houses around town. Now that I’m older and don’t have the time (or energy) to be out and about so much, it’s fun to look back on the years that I spent really going all out for Halloween. 
One of the best Halloweens was in 2011. While I was definitely out and about that year, my friend Lisa and I also made a last minute trip to Disneyland right around Halloween. Since her parents live in LA, we crashed there for a couple nights and then spent the whole day at the parks. I hadn’t really ever gotten to see Disney all set up for any holiday but Christmas, so this was a lot of fun. 
The giant pumpkins shaped like Mickey were so cute.
And then all the other decorations.

We did some of the classic rides.

I think my favorite part was the Halloween snacks.
I’d also never been to California Adventure and they had just recently opened the Little Mermaid ride.

Such a fun weekend!
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