Yelp Elite- Lions and Tapas and Scares

Happy Wednesday!
So with things being so crazy busy, I realized that I never got to do my Halloween post for this year. I didn’t actually do anything ON Halloween, but I did get to go to one party and it was a blast!
The Vegas Yelp Community Manager organized an amazing Elite Event at the Lion Habitat Ranch. I had been dying to go there ever since I knew it existed and this was the perfect chance. It was a quasi Halloween/charity event to raise money for the habitat and frankly, those are my favorite events. It’s always nice to know that the good time you’re having is benefitting something other than a good time!
There was a bit of a disaster with Corey’s costume which sucked but my Louise Belcher costume came out perfect! There were several food trucks and a ton of food and beverage vendors at the event. My favorite part of any Yelp Elite party is always the food. I love trying new foods and discovering new restaurants and I usually end up checking out at least a couple of the vendors after the party. 
The lions were adorable and the staff at the habitat were super knowledgeable and helpful. We got to see ostriches and emus, a huge adolescent giraffe, and lions of a variety of ages. Who else gets to eat Shake Shack frozen custard while watching lions???

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