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Last month I got to check out a really amazing show at the new T-Mobile Arena. I’m always really nervous about checking out shows at huge venues because in the South, parking was always a bitch and crowds were a nightmare. On the other hand, Keith Urban was playing and it’s not too far from my work so I decided to go anyway.
I have to say, I was pretty impressed with the parking situation. The prepaid pass worked like a dream and everything was really organized at the NY NY garage where I parked. I hadn’t been to the property since the arena opened and I didn’t know just how easy it was to get around. So many great food options and I’ve never been to a huge arena that had garage parking access that close!
The show was really really amazing. The sound in the arena is great and everything was surprisingly organized. I was actually pretty impressed with how many amenities are scattered around the venue and how many there were. There was no trekking a mile to get to restrooms, food, bars, or merch tables. They were everywhere and the lines weren’t long at all. The arena is HUGE and just walking to and from my seat to the meeting points was so much cardio. I had a few VIP passes for the openers- Brett Eldredge and Maren Morris so I was walking around all night to get from one spot to the next by the meeting times. 
I had purchased my ticket kind of last minute and my seat was all the way at the top directly overlooking the stage. Even in the nosebleeds, the view was amazing. 
Such a fun night!!!

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