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Vegas Staycation & Carrie Underwood

Hey blog world!
So it’s been a little while since I posted and that’s because things have been crazy here. Lots of changes and with the holidays it was just easier to hold off on posting rather than just ramble nonsense for a month.
After Thanksgiving my mom and I got to have a little vegas staycation. We wanted to see Carrie Underwood and since room rates are pretty good between Thanksgiving and NFR, we decided to take advantage of the affordable prices and make a night of it.
We got a room at the Monte Carlo for pretty cheap and it is literally right next to the arena. We grabbed lunch at 800 Degrees, one of my favorite spots for custom pizzas (I always get the Bianca with prosciutto, truffle cheese, and arugula). 

We also wandered over to Bellagio to grab some goodies at Jean-Philippe Patisserie. They always have the coolest chocolate statues and of course, since it was around the holidays, there was a giant chocolate Santa! There was also a gorgeous tree right outside the Monte Carlo that made everything so festive!

It had been a rough work week even though it was short because I had been sick almost all month (my health has been horrible this fall/winter for my chronic disorders) so I wanted nothing more than a nap. I do love hotel bed naps! 
One of the things I dislike about Vegas is the unpredictable winter and fall months. I never know exactly what temperatures to expect, especially in November. Sometimes it’s perfect sweater weather. Oh no. This time it was literally freezing because the wind was crazy. The walk across the street was pretty frigid and it was short so I can’t imagine what we would have done if we had stayed further from the venue. We had a quick dinner at Bruxie before the show. There was Nashville hot chicken and while it was good (and very hot), it’s just not Hattie B’s. The créme brûlée dessert waffle was delicious though. 
The show was wonderful. We had a really great time and even though we had seats in the upper tier, the view was amazing. The sound quality at T-Mobile Arena is really spectacular. I only wasn’t familiar with a couple of the newer songs from her latest album but she played all the best tracks and it was a great time. My mom isn’t a big country fan but even she had an amazing time.

One of the best parts of our stay was the view from the room. While the hot afternoon sun kind of baked us, the sunset was perfect and we had a great view of the arena and the Christmas tree and ice skating rink below. So pretty and festive!

Sorry for the window fuzz, it wasn’t the cleanest window but the sunset was beautiful!

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