Monday Must Haves

Ugh, Monday, am I right?
Well, I can’t complain too much because Mondays are my Fridays right now so….
Anyway, welcome to a new Monday Must Haves!
I have a bunch of subscription boxes that I’ve had for years and a few new ones and one that’s really standing out right now is Splendies. Most people have sock eating monsters in their closets and I have one that eats all my favorite panties. No joke, I can’t count the number of times I’ve taken advantage of Victoria’s Secret’s 7 for $27 deals only to not find any of my underwear. It’s really sad. And super awkward.
Anyway, I had looked into some similar subscriptions before but they were all either overpriced (like $15-20 for one fancy pair) and frankly, I don’t need something pricey that I’m just going to lose. Splendies are really reasonably priced and you get three pairs a month. They also have a wider size selection and allow you to pick the type of underwear you want (so you don’t end up with a bunch of panties you’re not going to wear). I’m on my third month and I have to say, I really really really love it. Everything is good quality, super cute, and very comfortable. And now I’m not running out constantly. Yay! If you’re having the same problem or just love getting cute new things every single month, check out Splendies!
This post was not endorsed in any way at all, I just love sharing my new faves with you guys! 

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