My Favorite Carry-On Bag

I have been flying cheap a lot as of late. 

I have never loved spending a ton of money on flights even though I did enjoy first class a lot as a child (OMG those hot fudge sundaes in seat 1A). The influx of budget airlines has made it so much cheaper to get around and honestly, I never really need any of the extras. I’m small so I never need a ton of legroom so I never need to pay for larger seats or more space. Also, the idea of spending more on one business/first class flight than I would spend on three cheaper flights is not something I see myself doing. I’m a pretty frugal flyer because I’d rather spend the extra money on food or or activities or save it for the next trip. I even hate checking bags unless it’s international or a trip that’s longer than five days. I am a fair overpacker so this is always a bit of a challenge. I do have to say, I’ve gotten better in recent years and actually wear almost everything I pack so it’s not so bad but even then, I do stuff a lot into my small carry-on bags. 

Today, I wanted to share my favorite carry-on bag. It’s tiny and still cute while fitting in even the smallest underseat spaces. It has saved me a ton on my Frontier and Spirit flights when I travel for two to three days. It’s well structured and easy to wipe down if it gets dirty and it’s a great brand. There are tons of compartments and there’s plenty of space to separate out toiletries and undergarments. Unlike a lot of other carry-on bags, the side pockets have a ton of smaller sections and compartments as well so it’s really easy to stay organized and find a little spot for each individual item. I’ve used this bag a lot in the past year and I absolutely love it. It even comes with a great “back-up bag” that’s got a full zipper and works great as a shopping bag for traveling. 

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Travelon Wheeled Underseat Carry-On With Back-Up Bag

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