TSA Pre Check for Germaphobes

Good Morning!

I love having TSA Pre Check. Mostly because it cuts down on wait times. It’s crazy how busy those lines at security get and having Pre Check has probably saved me hours of my life that would be spent in an airport security line. My other reason for loving it- the fact that I hate germs and airport security feels like an incubator for germs. Seriously. It feels like a room filled with germs and I hate it. Here is how having that handy little emblem on your boarding pass helps if you’re even just a little bit grossed out by germs:

You can leave your shoes on. In summer shoes I hate being even slightly barefoot at security. It’s a pain to throw on socks JUST for security and if I put those socks inside shoes I want to Lysol the socks and the insides of the shoes. In winter in boots- forget it. Ten minutes of your life are spent removing and putting back on your boots.

You don’t have to take out your quart sized bag. Putting that bag into that plastic bin is gross. That bin has seen thousands of shoes too and bottom which means who knows what has touched those bins. Putting a bag filled with stuff you out on your face into that bin is disgusting. I Lysol that bag.

Putting anything in that plastic bin. So gross. Putting my coat in there feels wrong and even having the bottom of my purse (which is somewhat questionable anyway) still feels disgusting.

In conclusion, if you travel even a few times a year through busy airports and hate germs- get TSA Pre Check. It will save you time and germs. And if you travel internationally, get Global Entry. It’s only $15 more and it’s good for five years.

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