Five Products for Better Sleep

Hey guys! I have the worst insomnia. It’s caused by a lot of things- breathing problems, stress, nerve pain, etc. basically I’m a mess! I tend to do my best thinking late at night too so I often just cannot force myself to fall asleep even when I’m exhausted. Today I’m listing five things I use at night to help me get to ready for bed.

Lavender room spray- I have this amazing Natura Bisse room spray that I’ve had for a few years and it’s the most natural lavender spray I’ve ever used. I’m so bummed because it’s almost empty and I can’t find it anywhere! It really relaxes me and it’s great for refreshing my bed linens every night. I guess realistically almost any good lavender spray will work but this was my favorite.

Bath and Body Works Ultra Shea Body Cream– I change the scent every few months but this winter I’ve been loving this vanilla scent I got in clearance for under $3. Its great for my hands and feet since the desert dryness tends to make my heels crack. The scent also goes well with the lavender that’s wafting through the air. 

Boscia Tsubaki Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask– when my skin gets tight and dry, I put a thin layer on before bed. Usually by the next morning it’s back to normal. It also doesn’t interfere with my skin when its oily; I’m fairly certain it has never caused a breakout for me.

Rosebud Salve– my favorite lip treatment for nighttime. It’s not sticky or smelly or weird. It doesn’t leave a residue on my pillow and it always feels soothing and light before bed.

Kazkaza Wipes– I love these Too Cool For School make-up remover wipes. I got a pack once at Sephora and have been hooked ever since. I keep some by my bed for those nights I’m too lazy to deep clean my face. They aren’t oily and they don’t burn my eyes plus they feel refreshing. Great for getting your face nice and clean before bed!

What makes you sleep better at night?

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