How to Brighten Someone’s Day

This post was actually going to be called “how to be one of the only non-douches someone will encounter today” but it didn’t flow well or sound like something a legitimate lifestyle blogger would title her post. Seriously though.

I’ve got to gripe just a little bit. I feel like lately people are just so mean. I don’t know if it’s the sporadic weather, the residual frustrations with the election (and the friends who have come and gone because of it), the moon cycles, etc. People are just not nice lately and I really don’t know why. 

I try to be a decent person all the time. I never made any kind of comment about the election or anything on social media because honestly there’s so much of it out there. I don’t feel that my opinion matters more than anyone else. I think if you want the world to be a better place you do your part. But that’s just me. 

That said, I try to not be a total bitch all the time. I hate when people are mean because after a while I get mean back and I don’t like who I am when I’m mean. I like being a nice person. I’ve worked in the service industry for over a decade and I’ve seen all kinds of jerks and all kinds of crazy things. I’m going to out this out in the universe and maybe it will make a difference. Of course, I know my readers are cool people and this probably doesn’t apply to any of you. But still- universe. Here are things that helped my day when I worked customer service:

A smile- sad and cheesy but it helps. Smile to a customer service person and one of two things will likely (not always) happen: they will smile back and perk up or they will continue to be a jerk and probably feel horrible for it later. Of course there are some people who just don’t care but still. It helps.

Call them by their name- like wtf. I am not “you” or anything else. I have a name. Using it at some point during a conversation shows you recognize that the person helping you is in fact a person. That helps. Also, never refer to them or their company as “you people”. I cannot stress that enough. People will want to punch you.

Say please and thank you- why is this hard? It’s supposed to be taught from infancy and yet so many people just have dropped these terms from their vocabulary. Yes, This person may be getting paid to do a job but appreciation goes a long way.

Don’t be nosy- I hate when people get TOO comfortable while I’m helping them and start asking really personal questions. It’s normal to be curious about people but when you make it it awkward they don’t want to keep helping you and going the extra mile. They want you to go away.

Tell them when they did a good job- it’s sad but this makes a difference between having a horrible day and feeling like your existence is worthwhile. I’ve had days where everyone was a jerk but one person stood out and turned it around because they said thank you and elaborated and they meant it. Don’t be the person who makes someone angry when they punch out. Be the person who makes them want to go back to work the next day.

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