Throwback Thursdays

Good morning!

So in past years, the end of March/beginning of April has always meant ACM weekend. It’s been my second favorite part of the year for a long time. This year looks amazing but I’m actually not even going to be home for part of it (oops) and I’m not even sure how much of it I’ll see next year with all kinds of plans in the works. That said, I put together a couple posts of my favorite throwback moments from the ACM weekends of past in the weeks leading up to ACM 2017.


My first time actually seeing some of the craziness of the awards weekend. My friend Katie and I ventured over to the market where we won meet and greets to see Chris Young. 

I want to say this was the first year it started turning into a festival. 
I spent a lot of time around Mandalay Bay that year with the BBQ in the parking lot, the RAM Ride and Drive, and the fun festivities and market area. 

And of course, take all the goofy photos we could at the booths. 

A bunch of us also ventured out to Fremont Street to see Luke Bryan!

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