Fun Things on Friday

Happy Friday!

Today I’m posting another installation of Blogs I Love. Since it’s almost the weekend, I thought I’d post these here since they’re all a great weekend read with lots of really fun travel and fashion inspiration. I bookmarked all of these blogs on my phone because they’re all so much fun to read when I’m waiting in line or sitting at the airport or basically without anything to do. 
First off, her Instagram is just the most gorgeous rainbow colored page ever. Second, Courtney is always brutally honest and it’s really refreshing. She doesn’t make her page into some kind of unattainable fantasy world, she tells it like it is. Third, her Frenchie Waffles is just so friggin cute.
The name of the blog alone is pretty funny and Kathleen always posts funny stories on Instagram. Everything she posts is really pretty and she’s super engaging so it’s really fun to follow her. She asks lots of fun questions and always responds to her followers. 
Jennifer’s blog and Instagram always showcase some really cute accessories. She frequently has items in great neutral colors so I really like getting my accessory inspiration here.
Krystal posts some really amazing sale finds and she always styles some really normal everyday outfits into super cute ensembles. She also has a great New Orleans guide that she updates frequently!
I love Nikki’s blog for modern takes on classic looks. She always has great neutral pieces that have been styled really beautifully and without costing an arm and a leg.
Do you have any favorites you follow? Share them with me if you do, I love finding new blogs to read and follow!


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