Throwback Thursdays

Hey guys!

So I’m really excited- my bestie and I are going to see the Backstreet Boys this month! It’s our thing- we almost always see them when they’re in town so when we found out last year that they’re doing a mini residency, clearly we had to go.

In anticipation of the show, this month, Throwback Thursdays are all going to be BSB related. Yes, super dorky but I don’t even care!

BSB 2008-2009

My first Backstreet Boys show since I was 12! I first saw them in 1998 at Lakewood Amphitheatre back in Georgia. My bestie, Melissa, and I bonded over our love of the Backstreet Boys when we started working together and knew if nothing else, we had someone to go to the shows with. This was our first BSB show together at The Pearl inside The Palms. The theatre is really small so there really wasn’t a bad seat in the house! It was such a fun show and we even got matching shirts (I will not post that photo because it is soooooo dorky). 

We even stood out by the tour buses for a little while (like our teenage selves would have) but didn’t get to see any of the guys. I actually got lucky a few months later when AJ was in town at Wasted Space (a cool venue at Hard Rock that no longer exists) and got to meet him and chat for a while. He was just the nicest guy and it was so awesome because he’s always been my favorite Backstreet Boy!

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