Style on a Budget in Downtown Summerlin

Despite how it looks on Instagram, I don’t go out much. Most days I sleep a lot (my chronic conditions make it really hard to move let alone get out of bed sometimes) and spend a lot of time talking to my dog.

When I got an invite to a boutique pre-opening in a Downtown Summerlin by my Style Collective sister, Tessa from Tessa Tailored, I almost didn’t go. I am so glad I did!

The Joeleene boutique is adorable for starters. Lots of open space and clean colors. The displays that sit over nicely polished rocks reminds me of the spa tub I had in Bali. All the displays are really neat and organized in cohesive spaces and designs.

The major draw for me- the price point. One of the store’s managers had described the prices as “approachable” and I really think that was a good word for it. The most expensive item I personally saw was about $100 and the highest price tag on an item I drooled over was about $65. Very doable for almost any budget!

The event was a lot of fun and I got to meet some of the other bloggers in town that I’d only spoken to on Instagram and email. There was a bar set up at the front with cocktails and one of the local juice companies had a great setup in the back. There was a DJ keeping the atmosphere fun and lively and a fashion show that had me drooling over pieces I hadn’t even seen yet.

I only let myself buy one thing (I tried to exercise some willpower) and it’s a fun and versatile piece I know I’ll wear all summer long. While it’s easy to find cheaper versions of the same pieces, you can’t beat good quality and the items I saw were definitely worth the price tag and more. Joeleene also has an online boutique and the selection is even better than the store. Go check it out

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