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Style Collective Meet Up Vegas- Sugar Factory

Photo Credit: Corey Bond Photography

Hello hello!

A couple months ago I joined the Style Collective, a really amazing group of bloggers and influencers around the country. I realized I didn’t have any blogger friends and I really wanted to join a fun support group of other women that understand the blog world. 
On May 9th, Style Collective launched its first podcast by founder Annie Spano. All around the country, regional leaders put together fun launch parties for the Style Collective sisters in their towns. As one of the regional leaders for Las Vegas, I got to head up a really fun evening for our Vegas girls.  

The brand new (and amazingly gorgeous) Sugar Factory at Fashion Show Mall hosted our little gathering in style. I was a HUGE fan of the original location at Paris Hotel and Casino back when it first opened and when I walked into the new location it was just like my old favorite hang out. I didn’t think it was possible but the new setup is even more ornate and elaborate than the old one with a giant duck outside the main entrance and the cutest candy decor you could imagine on the second level outside the chocolate lounge.

Photo Credit: Corey Bond Photography

Our host took such amazing care of us- she answered every question we had, helped me set up all of our meeting materials, and even put us in the cutest corner booth in the entire restaurant. When the other girls (Ayron and Rebecca) arrived, our host made sure we were completely settled in before she left. Such service! Since the weather wasn’t looking great, our first order of business was to take photos in front of the giant duck outside the entrance. Apparently, it was good thinking because shortly after, it started to rain.

Dinner consisted of the cutest sliders I’ve ever seen (Rainbow Sliders) and three of the craziest milkshakes ever (seriously, look at these things). We had the Tie Dye Milkshake, the Twinkie Dinkie Milkshake, and (mine) the Caramel Sugar Daddy Cheesecake Milkshake. I literally had a slice of cheesecake on top of my shake! I was so busy with my milkshake I barely got to eat my massive club sandwich (I now have like two or three lunches worth of sandwich here at home). 

The evening was such a great way to get to know my Style Collective sisters here in town. The service was unbelievably great and the entire staff was so helpful and accommodating. After our delicious dinner, we were given a tour of the chocolate lounge upstairs and all of the adorable decorative pieces they have outside. To end our fun night, we even got a photo in front of the mini carousel (sitting right where the Backstreet Boys were a couple weeks ago). 

Thank you so much, Sugar Factory for a fabulous evening for our Style Collective event! We had a blast and I can’t wait to visit again!

Photo Credit: Corey Bond Photography

P.S. I may have absconded with the duck from the plate with the sliders.
I promise it’s been given a good home!

Sugar Factory provided us with some complimentary items for our event. 
As always, all opinions are my own.


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