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Vegas Lifestyle Influencers- Culinary Dropout

Blogging can be a lonely place.
When it’s just you and your computer, it can sometimes feel like there’s nobody else there. Even for a shut-in, that can get pretty lonely. Everyone online says “find your tribe” to combat the loneliness and while that’s great sound advice, it’s not always that easy. So when I couldn’t just find a tribe, I decided to create on of my own.
Vegas Lifestyle Influencers started as me and a couple blogger babes mourning over the fact that there wasn’t a real set blogger community for girls like us. We don’t have a ton of followers, we don’t have a specific niche, we just blog. We knew there were others like us out there but we didn’t know how to find them. So one day, like a mad woman, I started messaging local bloggers and influencers on Instagram. There were a couple snooty responses, several non-responses, but a whole lot of girls who wanted the same thing as we did- a community for the everyday blogger or influencer.

A week ago I orchestrated our very first Vegas Lifestyle Influencers event. I reached out to one of my favorite restaurants, Culinary Dropout, and some fabulous brands that I love- Air Repair, Treat Beauty, and Peridot Sweets to provide goodies for our swag bags.

I’m so happy with how everything turned out- we had a dozen girls who came out to mix, mingle, and eat some great food. We even had a photographer handy to capture all the action (Tyler Mills) which made it so much easier for all of us to just hang out and not get too caught up in taking pictures of everything (and there were so many awesome things to photograph too).

I was super happy with everything we got for our swag bags- First off, these AMAZING cake pops from Peridot Sweets. The owner, Tiffany, provided us with the cutest little sugar rush in the form of gorgeous, shimmery cake pops in our banner’s colors! I think some of the girls may have used them as a pre-meal appetizer (I know I did) because they were to die for. I’ve been a huge fan of Peridot Sweets for quite some time because I love supporting local businesses and the bakery is just adorable. Everything I’ve ever tried there has been delicious. If you live in Vegas, go check them out!
You won’t be sorry!

Culinary Dropout sent out so many platters of amazing appetizers from charcuterie plates to shrimp & chicken skewers, pretzel rolls with cheddar sauce, ribs, smoked salmon, bruschetta, fries, kale salad, and rounds of drinks. They even topped off our delicious meal with some piping hot monkey bread and ice cream. Everything was SO GOOD.

All photos below were taken by Tyler Mills.


Such a fun and fabulous group of blogger babes! I’m so happy to have finally met some of these amazing girls!

Thank you so much to Culinary Dropout Las Vegas and Fox Restaurant Concepts for our amazing meal! As usual, all opinions are my own!

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