The Cutest Brush Ever- Milk + Sass Macarons

I’m horrible at taking care of my hair.

When I travel, I pretty much ALWAYS forget to pack a brush. For some reason, my hair has always taken a backseat to everything else I try to take care of. It’s bad, I know.
I partnered with Milk + Sass for the recent Style Collective brunch and honestly, their products are a game changer for me. While the Macaron brush is seriously adorable (come on, it’s a giant macaron), it’s also the best brush for giving your scalp a much needed massage (which increases circulation and is good for your hair etc etc). It’s easy to keep clean and has a cover and a handy mirror for on the go.

Ever since I got mine, I’ve been pretty good about actually brushing my hair and I can feel a real difference, it’s that good. I’m tempted to get one in every color just because they brighten up my bathroom vanity so much! I feel like I should keep one in every major room of my house!

Now about those Sugar Twists– I’ve tried the Invisibobble and I’ve gotta say, I wasn’t crazy about it. I liked the hold, but they stretched waaaaay too much and were pretty high maintenance. I had to blast them every other day with a hair dryer just to get them back in shape which was kind of a pain. Plus, $8 for a set of three is kind of expensive; I was always worried about losing them! The Milk + Sass Sugar Twists are so much better- they hold really well AND they retain their shape for much longer. They don’t get all bent and stretched like some other brands plus they bounced back to their original size overnight. No hairdryer needed! They’re also half the price and come in some pretty cute sparkly colors (I love anything that sparkles). 
While I was gifted with product for the Style Collective brunch, all opinions are my own!

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