Serendipity Nails

I’m not going to lie, I hate open toe season because it means I have to paint my toenails.

I’m super impatient, so waiting for paint to literally dry just drives me nuts. Also, because it’s so dry in Vegas, paint chips so fast that it feels like a real chore to maintain polished nails. I have a popular brand’s gel polish and even with that I feel like I’m reapplying every few days to keep them looking fresh and done. I don’t have the energy for that!
I reached out to Serendipity Nail Polish for our Style Collective brunch after trying out a great pink polish in one of my subscription boxes ages ago. I loved the color, the texture, and the hold. We were gifted with some adorable summer polish sets that came with a shiny clear coat (Finishing Touch), a great neutral color (Peace, Love, and Sandy Feet), and a fun hot pink for summer (Pink Poinsettia, which was actually the pink that I fell in love with in the first place). I love the brush size- I have small hands and feet so when the brush is too big it takes over my whole toe and if it’s too small I just get mad. The brushes are perfectly sized and provide an even coat. The dry time was quick, and three days later the color still looks fresh with no signs of fading or chipping.
Even better- Serendipity is Seven free so there are no weird, hard to pronounce chemicals in them. They’re also vegan and gluten-free so they’re safe for pretty much everyone!
While I was gifted with product for the Style Collective brunch, all opinions are my own!

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